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Improv Workshop

with Mike McGuire

Cost: $25

Requirements: A willingness to learn and have fun.  

Bring a sack lunch

At 2:30pm there will be a showcase for friends, family, and community

Admission: $5

Have you wanted to explore the performing arts?

Have you wondered what improv was all about?  

Would you like the real you to come out?

Learn improv basics of "Yes, And"

Benefits: Fun, better listening skills, be more present, adaptive at accepting changing situations, you'll learn to be more collaborative and accepting of others, see the world from the perspective of other people.


Don't worry ... it's something you will be able to handle!

It can be a real growth experience and you'll have personal insights about yourself!  All of this in a few hours?!  Yes!


And to follow the fun, you'll get to try out your new skills in a showcase for your family and friends!

Sunday, February 25th, 2024
11am to 3pm

Learn more about ComedySportz at

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