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January Artist-in-Residence

GK Callahan 1/20/2024 - 2/4/2024

At The Creative at Klondike Residency

     During The Creative at Klondike Residency, I am crafting a new body of work that delves into a shared challenge of our time—the looming doomsday of climate change and the impact farming practices have in the Midwest, particularly within rural communities.

     I plan to layer family photos and visuals extracted from vintage sporting magazines, cutting out crucial elements to present a snapshot of time lost. The blank spaces left behind, akin to keyholes, invite viewers to peer into the past.

     I aim to present a narrative thread that connects our present with a disappearing era when the cornfields of Iowa teemed with wildlife, bugs, and vibrant habitats are no longer there. This work hopes to serve as a lament for the vanishing landscapes, a reminder of our interconnectedness with this planet, and a rallying call for change.

GK Callahan

Power in Numbers







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