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I'm interested in becoming a...

Want to get involved in the great things
that are happening at The Creative?


Community non-profits are busy places, with lots of ways to be involved. We welcome volunteers of all kinds to help in our creative workshops, teach a class, plan an event, assist with greeting visitors, and more. 


We know we couldn't run without you - you make a difference every time you volunteer!


(Print PDF, complete form, & return to or snail mail to: Teri Moore, The Creative at Klondike, 4600 S. Highway 94, Augusta, MO 63332)

Become a Member


The Creative is growing - both in interest and resources!  From pottery and jewelry studios, to fiber arts and photography workspace.  We have it (or soon will)!  Have you taken up a new hobby (perhaps after taking one of our classes)?  Or are you an established artist needing workspace/resources?  Consider becoming a Member of The Creative at Klondike.  In exchange for a monthly fee, you can have open studio time to make the most of our resources.


Special Friends of The Creative

Are you interested in investing in The Creative at Klondike?

Do you have a passion for community arts programs? We’d love to connect with you.

 Just tell us how you'd like to sponsor - we've made a few suggestions to get you started :).

Investor Opportunities:

Art and Nature Sponsorship: Invest in the development of major projects like an open-air sculpture garden, art and nature stations for interactive inspiration.

Ceramic Studio Sponsorship: Help bring expert workshops and experiences, and stock the studio with equipment and supplies.

Culinary Arts Sponsorship: Invest in expanding culinary arts in the community. Sponsor the stocking of the gourmet kitchen with supplies for culinary education and special events - or sponsor a unique culinary event.

Fiber Studio Sponsorship: Help bring expert workshops and experiences, and stock the studio with equipment and supplies.

Photography Studio Sponsorship: Help bring expert workshops and experiences, and stock the studio with equipment and supplies.

Visual Arts Sponsorship: Help bring specialty expert workshops and supplies for the visual arts, such as painting, drawing and illustration, three-dimensional works and more.


OR support one of our three gallery spaces that allow artists share their work with all of those who visit us:


our “Quarry Gallery”, so named because the original owners of this house call it the “Quarry House” so this name is fitting for Regional artists to display upon entering and throughout special areas. 

our “Overlook Gallery” will hold special consideration curated exhibitions that will have a focus on photography. Walk up and explore the works closely for an intimate connection with the photos.

and FINALLY Our “Macler Gallery” so named after the original owners (and builders) of this magnificent building. Jean and Hank Macler honored us with a space that feels loved and lived in and houses our artwork just the same.

This, the main gallery, and will hold special and rotating exhibitions meant to introduce a variety of fine work that inspires and allows reflection on the role of artwork in our lives. 


Become an investor
Choose Yor Investment Field:

Thank you for your interest in The Creative at Klondike!

Have someone special in your life that loves or would have loved The Creative arts center? Give them a tribute with your gift of $1,000 or amount of your choice - a plaque with their name will be placed in the Augusta Gallery and a personal letter from The Creative staff will be sent to them or their loved ones with a thank you and our deepest gratitude for the love shown in their name that will benefit countless artists and art lovers.

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