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January Artist in Residence:  01/20/2024-02/04/2024    GK Callahan

At The Creative at Klondike Residency

     During The Creative at Klondike Residency, I am crafting a new body of work that delves into a shared challenge of our time—the looming doomsday of climate change and the impact farming practices have in the Midwest, particularly within rural communities.

     I plan to layer family photos and visuals extracted from vintage sporting magazines, cutting out crucial elements to present a snapshot of time lost. The blank spaces left behind, akin to keyholes, invite viewers to peer into the past.

     I aim to present a narrative thread that connects our present with a disappearing era when the cornfields of Iowa teemed with wildlife, bugs, and vibrant habitats are no longer there. This work hopes to serve as a lament for the vanishing landscapes, a reminder of our interconnectedness with this planet, and a rallying call for change.

GK Callahan

OPEN STUDIO!! Wednesday January 31 from 6:00-8:00 

Our Artist in Residence, GK Callahan will share the body of work he has been inspired to make while actually LIVING at the space for two weeks. 

GK will give a presentation at 6:30. 

Kim Alsop and Anne Molasky, resident artists (they have studios there but do not live there) will also have their studios open for you to ask questions and see their process. 


Stop by The Creative on Wednesday, January 31 at 6:00

Free Event!

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